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We are a film production company based in Zimbabwe offering personalised film services and logistical expertise across Africa. From concept through to execution we deliver bespoke visual content. We would love to hear from you.

Film crew for hire in Harare, Zimbabwe local film crew director grip lighting photography


It takes a team to create a successful video and we demand the highest level of craftsmanship. Over the years we have formed lasting relationships with skilled film crew in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa who bring value, passion, and dedication to our film productions. We believe in cultivating a positive, inspiring work environment and it shows in the quality of our work. If you would like to hire film crew for your production, get in touch.

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We know that the success of any project lies in the details, and our highly experienced and determined production team is dedicated to always delivering on our promise. 
We value building lasting relationships with international and local industry professionals. 
We offer film fixing, logistical expertise, and cost-effective production solutions in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.

Script Writing services in Harare, Zimbabwe


Whether you are producing a documentary, a commercial, a promotional video, or a narrative film, our team of professional scriptwriters can bring your vision to life. We craft compelling, accurate, and original scripts ensuring that your unique brand voice and message is included in your video. 


zimbabwe film fixing location fixer


Whether you are filming wildlife documentaries, travel content or commercials, Zimbabwe boasts an abundance of diverse landscapes. Our team on the ground can provide access to Zimbabwe's outstanding film and photographic locations. These locations include rugged mountain ranges, panoramic African flood plains,  tropical rainforests, expansive desert-scapes, waterfalls, rivers, post-apocalyptic abandoned buildings, vibrant African townships, rural homesteads, and not to mention an impressive array of African wildlife. 

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