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Obscura Films is an award-winning full-service film Production Company based in Zimbabwe and available to service productions on the African Continent. We are dedicated to producing captivating, filmic and diverse content with impactful narratives. We have worked on a range of projects including commercial campaigns, TVC’s, documentaries, music videos and short-films

Built from the ground up we are founded on a contagious passion for creative expression, collaboration, craftsmanship and an extraordinary work ethic. Our highly skilled team is sought after for their sharp vision, dynamic ideas, resourcefulness and combined ability to extract production value out of a versatile budget range.

Our guiding philosophy is grounded in the human spirit, giving shape to experience and existence through the power of visual story-telling.


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Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 08_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 08_edited.jpg

DOP / Editor


Richard Watson graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Cinematography in Cape Town, South Africa. His visually magnetic style produces emotive imagery that weaves through the stories of the people he perfectly captures.Richard’s drive is to frame the world through his unique, aesthetic eye, capturing moments of magic in a way that is alluring and hypnotic.

Writer / Director / Producer


Kalai Barlow is an award-winning Director/Producer whose visual style is rooted in a diverse collision of cultures from art & design to humanitarian aid. Her work captures authentic sensitivity, sparked by a curiosity to observe the human spirit. Kalai's ability to intuitively translate ideas into intricate narratives is apparent in the delivery of her work. When approaching concepts, she is propelled by the passion for truth and meaning.

Producer / Production Manager


Jessica Pelser is equipped with an impeccable ability for the organisation and management of people, time, and logistics. With her multifaceted skill-set gained over a decade in Europe, South Africa & Zimbabwe, the production on set and behind the scenes will always be carried out in a no-nonsense and seamless fashion. 

Jess’s knowledge of business administration and finance is an asset to any production.

Obscura Films. Video Production Harare, Zimbabwe




‘Sunshine City’ - Gold Best Music Video 2020



‘Bless’ - Nomination Best Music Video 2020



‘Rainmaker’ - Gold Best Music
Video 2022

SA Indie

Film Fest

‘Rainmaker’ - Official Selection 2020


InternationalFilm Fest

‘Rainmaker’ - Official Selection 2020


InternationalFilm Fest

‘Gulf’ - Official Selection 2021

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